About the Game

Bethica System

The Realm of Bethica is a traditional fantasy roleplaying game with non-traditional mechanics, utilizing a skill based system in place of classes and allowing a large degree of character customization and freedom, including the ability for players to craft their own spells.

Utilizing the Universal Battles system as a base, the Realm of Bethica itself is a unique fantasy setting with a diverse set of races and creatures, including traditional and original takes on classic creatures such as goblins and fae, and the inclusion of less common monsters such as the alhuizotl. 

Compare and Contrast

List of differences from the world’s most popular and longest running rpgs.

Classes’ vs Skills

While many modern rpgs have increased the level of customization available to the player, the traditional d20 systems are still limited by a class system. With the skill system of The Realm of Bethica players are given a greater degree of freedom to create the character they imagine.

Spell Lists vs Spell crafting 

Though The Realm of Bethica supplies a list of spells for those looking for a quick list, its unique spell crafting system allows for players to truly customize what it is they want to do with magic. With this your magic users can cast spells unique to their characters and reflecting their own personalities and stories. 

Traditional vs New & Different

The Realms of Bethica has numerous creatures that fall into the more traditional side of things, but also offers distinct new takes on classic fantasy creatures, such as trolls, Fae, and even common fantasy creatures such as undead skeletons, giving them a fearsome new edge. 

More about the Game

The Realm of Bethica is a fantasy RPG built on a natural and intuitive D10 game system that emphasizes player innovation and critical thinking. As the debut offering from Universal Battles LLC, more than thirty years in the making, The Realm of Bethica promises to lead you on a dynamic and ever-changing journey across a breathing world, in which a long-forgotten evil threatens to resurface on a splintered land. 

Will you be a mighty Fighter charging into battle alongside your allies, or will you be a dastardly Rogue who strikes from the shadows? Will you take up the mantle of a Sorcerer and rain down wave after wave of arcane fury on your foes, or will you pledge yourself to the divinities as a merciful Cleric? Within the framework of these four Archetypes, The Realm of Bethica employs the Genesis Archetype system, allowing players to customize their characters and modify their skillset down to the last detail. 

The Realm of Bethica is crafted from the same leather as all role-playing games — players embark on grand adventures under the guidance of a GM, with formidable obstacles and terrifying monsters hounding them at every turn. But beneath the surface, Bethica's streamlined yet amazingly customizable system makes the game fun and intuitive on a level rarely seen before. In Bethica's lightning-fast and streamlined combat system, players decide their fates with a few simple rolls — calculating both chance to hit and damage dealt at once — instead of wasting valuable playtime flipping through supplements. Moreover, under the game's revolutionary spell system, players are the architects of their spells, this allows them to design and tailor their spells to give them their own unique flavor.