Archetypes of Bethica

Fighter - Barbarian

Barbarians are ferocious and resilient physical combatants, self-taught in the art of war. As a Warrior, player characters can make use of the largest and most powerful armor and weapons in the game; the Warrior’s generalist focus means that they bypass many of the factors that preclude other professions from using them.  

Weapons Master - Archer

The archer is a weapon master that displays supreme skill with a single class of weapon, and every second of their training is devoted to achieving perfection. Player characters who choose to walk the path of a Weapon Master must select a single type of weapon (longsword, longbow, war axe, etc.) at creation.  

Martial Artist - Rogue Monk

Rogue Monk are martial artists who are unique among Fighters in that they generally eschew the use of weapons completely. Instead, they train mainly in unarmed combat, perfecting the art of wielding their limbs as destructive extensions of their own body. Player characters who follow the Way of the Fist reap the rewards of a diverse and engaging skillset, and suffer no combat disadvantage in areas where weapons are restricted.  

Archetypes of Bethica

Beastmaster - Animal Handle

The animal handler are Beastmasters are tough, offensive fighters whose strength comes from a deep bond with their animal companion, which they commonly choose and raise from the moment they pick up a weapon. This spiritual bond enhances the Beastmaster’s physical body — making them faster, stronger, and tougher than some other Fighters — and extends to even their natural senses. Player characters who are Beastmasters can learn such talents as night vision, animal empathy, and even the ability to talk to animals.  

Rogue - The Scoundel

The scoundrels are thieves, who are rather fittingly, serve as professional thieves. Most are fond of pickpocketing and “accidentally” cutting the strings of a noble’s purse, but a few of them are known to take the brute force route, crossing the line from “relieving” people of their valuables to pure, unadulterated thuggery. But even these muggers rely on the shadows to make their approach, as well as to vanish from sight before their victims can even scream.  

Rogue - Trapper

Trappers are rogues who distance themselves somewhat from the direct methods of their colleagues, eschewing stealth and underhanded sneak attacks but preserving the sense of trickery. Trap Masters tend to be equal parts scoundrel and master engineer, and player characters who specialize in this profession start the campaign with significant knowledge and training in traps of all kinds: whether it’s setting up traps, searching for traps, or merely picking up after their traps.   

Archetypes of Bethica

Rogue - Dark Assassin

Sometimes called the Blackguards are said to be unparalleled masters in the way of the shadow and the way of the blade, their expertise in stealth matched only by their combat prowess. But among people more familiar with the Blackguards than they ever cared to be, they are spoken of in feared whispers for a skill far more dangerous: their ability to listen.   

Arcane Savant - Necromancer

Arcane Savants are very specialized practitioners of training who have eschewed the jack-of-all-trades mentality of the other casters, choosing instead to focus on one or two spheres of magic. Their specialization means that they tend to be far more proficient in their respective field of study than the other casters would be, but it also guarantees that Mages are much less versatile.  

Sorcery - Scholar

Masterful mages that dedicate their lives to the exhaustive study of magic, Scholars most closely resemble the traditional casters seen in other tabletop games. The Scholar's spells gain more power through leveling, meaning that while they might not always have access to the most *immediate* power, only the most *consistently* powerful spells are available to them.  

Archetypes of Bethica

Sorcery - Arcanist

As natural masters of their craft, the Arcanists' spellcasting forte comes not from dogged determination and lifelong learning, but from raw, unbridled talent. They are the only spell casters capable of modulating the power of their spells, changing how much mana they put into them at will. Arcanists are capable of unleashing some truly awe-inspiring displays of magic, but the downside is that they tend to run out of mana very quickly.  

Sorcery - Siphon Mage

If Scholars are lifelong learners, and Arcanists are ambitious savants, then Spell-shapers are jacks-of-all-trades. They refuse to limit themselves to the constraints of any one school of magic, choosing instead to dabble almost equally in all. Unlike the other two archetypes, spell-shapers are "spell-casters" by the absolute loosest sense of the term; they are instead more akin to manipulators of magical energy, able to twist the residues of incantations long past into magic of their own.  .

Missonary of Light - The Healer

As a Missionary of Light, the Holy Priest is dedicated to healing and caring for others, spreading their deity’s benevolence by working miracles with divine light. Holy Priests make some of Bethica’s finest medics: as a profession, they are able to heal wounds, neutralize poisons, expel evil spirits, and cure diseases. Holy Priest characters  These priests are gifted healer with special powers granted to them from their deity. They travel the world looking to bring faith and healing to all.  

Archetypes of Bethica

Missionary of Light - Anointed Priest

These are priest who can bless object and being with special propertied, abilities, and favors from their deity.  

Missionary of Light - The Exorcist

These missionaries of light are granted the ability to combat malevolent dark creatures and entities. With faith, wisdom, and skill they travel the realm lying to rest all that lurks and creeps in the shadows.  

Missionary of Light - The Holy Templar

The Holy Templars rise from the Order of the Inquisitors, an organization of Holy Priests who have adapted to defend and advance their faith by way of sword and shield. Presenting a startling contrast to the relatively pacifistic Holy Priests, the Holy Templars are known for their combat prowess, charging into battle alongside their allies on the frontlines to smite evildoers with the righteous wrath of the gods.  

Archetypes of Bethica

Specialist - The Shadowhunter

Although their powers are of a divine nature, the Shadow Hunters cannot accurately be called true members of the clergy; they do not devote themselves to any deities of the Bethican pantheon, nor do they derive their powers from one. Instead, they function as the watchful and ruthless banes of evil, training for years to hunt and destroy all kinds of supernatural creatures that would terrorize Bethica from beyond the grave. Eschewing both the traditions of the Holy Priests and the Holy Templars, the Shadow Hunters spread their faith purely by wreaking devastation on the darkness that dares blaspheme it.