About Universal Battles Books

Thirty Years in the Making!

Universal Battles have been around for over 30 years and have been play-tested with many gaming groups, associations, and players at Gaming Conventions. While real life obligations such as marriages, college, and careers had caused many of us to retire from gaming for a short while, we’ve come back onto the scene. Once more. This time older, more determined, and with and newer creative ideas. We all are now publishers of Pen and Paper RPG games, as well as authors of Supplemental and Sourcebooks.

In a Small Home in Baltimore!

Universal Battles got its start in 1984 at a small home in Baltimore, Maryland by two brothers: Warren W. Randall Jr. (The Author of this page) and well as Babatunji K. Olugbala. Both of us were gamers and loved a television show called Robotech at the time. However, at that time there were no RPGs on the market that we could play with scenarios like in Robotech, and so we sat at our mother’s kitchen table and started to created one. In the fall of 1984. The original game we created was merely called Robotech and was designed to allow players to Roleplay as a pilot and fly huge transforming robots planes just like in the cartoon show. It instantly became a huge hit within our gaming group

Universal Battles was Born!

Later, it progressed further and became more significant than just the Robotech show, and so we the name ended up changed the title ing to “Universal Battles” (U.B). Quickly a question was asked in the group. Why have only one tech level when you could expand all of them and include them as part of the system? So we it was then developed it into a multi-universal game system that anyone of any setting could can pick up and play. Finally, Now gamers players could engage in a play Fantasy, or a Wild West theme, or a modern era theme. Even superheroes, Horror, Scifi, and more could be created within the rule set. Because of that, the genres depicted were almost limitless; if as long as you could dream it, you could and play it. In the mid-80s, because of the lack of funds though, and the lack of know-how at the time, we could not stop that we have now published books for our gamers who so desperately wanted a copy to play.s that could have been published of the Mid 80’s. It was an A sad story really because everyone who played at the time loved the game it and wanted a copy, but we were not able to supply their demands. , but there were no copies available.

A Publisher is Born!

Today though we now have the means to publish our first sourcebook for the Universal Battle system titled, named “The Realm of Bethica,” and place as many books as necessary into the hands of our fans. “Bethica” is a continent on a planet in a Star System that is protected by, and part of, the Universal Galactic Guardians (U.G.G). However, that’s another story, for another time...